How do I contact you?
IG DM @cutenailsg1

What comes with my order?
Press on nails, orange stick, alcohol pad, nail file, 24pc gel tabs, a box for storage.

When will my order ship and deliver?
Orders for designs already listed on site are shipped within 2 business days. Orders for custom designs are shipped within 3 days. All orders come with a tracking number. You will be contacted if there's a delay. For delivery estimates, click HERE.


Do you ship to ______?

Yes, i ship anywhere in the world.

How long will the nails stay on?
With good preparation, 2 days with gel tabs, 2 weeks with nail glue.

How can I make sure that the nails don't pop off easily?
Good prep work is the key to long, sturdy wear. To prep, 1) push back your cuticles, 2) file away the shine on your natural nails, and 3) wipe them with alcohol wipe. All these accessories are provided in your kit. 

How do I know my size?
Measure the widest part of each nail in mm and check against the sizing guide in the product description.

Are the nails reusable?
Yes they are, even if you used nail glue instead of gel tabs. At the end each wear, simply soak your hands in warm, soapy water for 10-15 minutes and work the press ons off your natural nails, gently.

Are custom designs possible?
Yes, custom orders are highly encouraged. 

Please contact for further questions. IG DM @cutenailsg1, Email: cutenailsg1@gmail.com

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