What are Mystery Designs?


A mystery design is a completely random design which I'll choose for you. Rest assured that these design are intricate, and worth way more than the asking price. These designs may involve large scale hand drawn graphics, authentic swarovskis and MUCH MORE!


- you CAN choose: shape & size.

- you CANNOT chose: any aespect of the design, such as color, theme, use of bling, etc.



How does this subscription work?

This subsciption is very similar to a Boxy Charm subscription. You will be sent randomly picked designs on a regular schedule, and the item's retail value far exceeds the asking price.


Benefits of a mystery subscription:

- Heavily discounted deisgns with intricate art

- Free sizing kit of your choice on the first mailing

- Free replacement for lost/damaged nails, up to 1 nail/set.

- Free application kit for every set of nails ordered

- Shipping rebates.

- Flexible shippment schedule. Receive nails when you WANT to.




1: Can I choose the base color/theme/style? Nope, designs are completely random.

2: Can I pay by installment? Nope. These amazing discounts, perks and upgrades can only be given with the guarentee that you'll complete the full package and not cancel few month into it. That is why an upfront payment is necessary.

3: When will you ship the nails? Please choose from the Delivery options listed. For on command delivery, your scehdule is always up to discussion. I'm flexible. Please allow 2 processing days after each notice of shipment.

Mystery Box Subscription

Free application kit (1 for EVERY set of nails)
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Free Sizing kit x1
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